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"The Mourne Mountains - A National Treasure"

Percy French composed "The Mountains of Mourne" in 1896. The song contrasts the artificial attractions of the city with the more natural beauty of his homeland. 120 years later the stunning beauty of this "National Treasure" has been captured on camera and produced in print for the pleasure of locals and tourists alike.

Spectacular Photographs

After the success of our stunning 2015 & 2016 calendars we have now produced our equally beautiful 2017 calendar with even more spectacular photos. Designed and produced locally (Northern Ireland) by Printline Direct. After 20 years in business as Printline Direct it has been an absolute pleasure to produce the Mourne Mountains calendar for the third consecutive year to the public's pleasure.

This entrepreneurial project has shown all the skills acquired in 20 years of being in business as Printline Direct. The combination of high quality photographs, the design of the calendar which includes a layout that allows commercial & free charitable advertising and finalising in the production of a high quality calendar and complimentary website. Printline Direct is here to show locals and the world alike the beauty that the Mourne Mountains is. This National Treasure should be enjoyed by all to the benefit of local businesses.


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